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CATIA Assignment Help

CATIA, which stands for computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application, is a software package which is used for computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, PLM and three dimension design.
Originally, it was developed for use in the aircraft manufacturing industry with the first version being released in 1981. Over time, the software found uses in other industries as well and today CATIA is applied in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and many other industries. Boeing and IBM are known to be among the big companies that adopted CATIA in its early stages and this gives an indication of how successful the software is.
CATIA assignment help

CATIA assignment help

Assignments requiring the use of CATIA have proven to be a challenge for many engineering students. The challenges this software suite poses to novice users are countless starting from the basics to the final modeling.

Compared to other engineering software, CATIA is not popular in academia as well, and hence finding assignment help in CATIA is never easy. At Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help, we understand the hassles many students go through in trying to find a reliable provider of CATIA assignment help and we bring the solution to them.
We offer professional CATIA assignment help to students at all levels of study; from undergraduate to Ph.D. Our experts are distinguished CATIA professionals whose prowess of the software has been proven not only by their academic credentials but also the quality of work they deliver. When you, therefore, get CATIA assignment help from us, you are assured of a result that will surpass all your expectations because your work is handled by the best.

Over the years that we have been in this niche, we have built ourselves a reputation of being the best providers of quality assignment help across the globe. We are dedicated to helping all students with the tough assignments they encounter, and no matter your nationality or geographical location, you can always get in touch with us. We have provided CATIA assignment help to students in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Topics covered by our CATIA assignment help service

Through all the years that we have provided CATIA assignment help to students, we have encountered various topics in and not once have we ever failed to deliver excellent results in any of them. We, therefore, are very confident that whatever challenge you face in CATIA on whichever topic, we can get you the perfect solution.
However, some of the notorious topics we have encountered include:

  • The CATIA workbenches
  • Sketcher and the Sketcher interface
  • Part design
  • Mold tooling design
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • AEC modules
  • Machining and Machining simulation
  • Digital Mockup (DMU), etc.
Topics covered by our CATIA assignment help service

Application of CATIA

This tool can be used to analyze various aspects such as volume, shape, and mass of a component and how it fits onto the final assembly of the product. The software can also be used to perform mesh analysis by electrical engineers during circuit analysis.
Apart from these, CATIA is used to perform visualization, human interface analysis, machine design, sheet metal design, composite materials design, among others.
In the aerospace and automotive industry, CATIA is mainly used for surfacing which basically involves creating surfaces of aircraft, cars, and motorbikes using mathematically created objects. In the architecture industry as well, CATIA has been used in the design of curvilinear buildings and architectural software such as the Digital project by Gehry technologies.
Application of CATIA

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