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Aerospace Engineering Assignment Help | Project | Assignment Problem

Let us think how to design an aircraft. How to decide how big it should be and what should be the shape. How do we know that it will travel as fast and as far as it should do. All these properties are related to one another. And the designer requires a systematic process. Here we start by guessing how difficult this question is. That is we guess what the gross takeoff weight of the aircraft is. And we calculate what the other factors would be in calculation based on this guess. And in the end we see if the weight is turning out close to the guess or not. Otherwise we would have to change the guess and arrive at the final answer after certain number of iterations.

First we have to see what the design has to do. Then we will think of a typical mission profile. In order to arrive at a mission profile we should know what the customers want. What the other people have been able to achieve in the past and what new opportunities have been thrown open by the recent developments. In industry this is a vital stage requiring mammoth efforts and intense thinking. As this is going to be the basis to commit the company’s future. It involves discussions, analysis of various types and trade studies with financiers, airlines, regulating agencies, airports, the law makers and various marketing and advertising agencies. The aerospace engineers need to excel in this milieu. 

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