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The computer aided design is explained as the use information technology in the design process. A CAD system contains of the IT hardware, a specialized software depending on the area of application of the design process and the peripherals which in most of the cases are highly specialized. The fundamental basic of the CAD system is the software which uses the graphics for the product representation and databases for amassing the product model. And drives the peripherals for the product presentation. As such the nature of the design process doesn’t get changed but as the name suggests it helps the product designer. The designer is the key person in the process. In all the particular phases right from the problem identification to the product implementation phase.

Basically the technique originally aimed at automating the number of tasks performed by the designer. And in particular in the modeling of the product. These days most of the activities in the CAD system are being covered by the design cycle. All the recording of the product data is being done by them. They are also used as a podium for pooling of resources between various remotely located designs systems. Most of the uses of computer aided design is for manufacturing and hence the name CAD/CAM is given. CAD systems can very well shorten the design time of the product. Hence the product can be introduced in the market earlier accruing many benefits to the company. The shorter is the development time, the earlier the product can be introduced in the market, and it may accord with the product a longer useful life span if the built in quality is precise.

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