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Fluid Mechanics Assignment Help | Project | Assignment Problem

Fluid mechanics deals with behavior of materials which deform without any limit under the influence of the shearing forces. Even a small shearing force shall deform the body, but the velocity of deformation would be subsequently small. This is the property that serves as the definition of the fluid. The shearing forces necessary to deform the fluid body becomes zero as the velocity of deformation tends to zero. On the other hand, the behavior of a solid body is such that the deformation itself but not the velocity of deformation becomes zero when the forces necessary to deform it tends to zero. Fluid mechanics as the name suggests is the branch of applied mechanics which deals with the statics and dynamics of the fluids. Fluid means liquids and gases both. The analysis of the behavior of fluids is based on the basic laws of mechanics. Which relate the continuity of mass and energy with force and momentum together with the familiar solid mechanics property. We can enumerate two aspects of fluid mechanics which makes it different from solid mechanics. First is that the nature of the fluid is much different from the solid. In fluids we deal with the continuous streams of fluids without any particular beginning or the end. But in solids we consider only the individual elements. Three states of matter are generally recognized by us namely solid, liquid and gas. Liquids and gases are both fluids and in sparkling contrast to solids they lack the ability to resist deformation. As the fluid cannot resist the deformation force it moves under the influence of deforming force. It moves and it flows under the influence of the deforming force. And its shape will continuously change as long as the force is applied. While a solid can resist a deformation force when at rest. As this force can cause some transformation but solid cannot move independently and infinitely under its influence as in the case of fluids.

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