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Mechatronics Assignment Help | Project | AssignmentProblem

Mechatronics is an amalgamation of precision science and engineering, electronics engineering and mechanic arrangement. It is a science that exists at the interface of the following five branches of study.






It is one of the fields that has gained momentum most dynamically in the field of technology and science. This term mechatronics came into existence in Japan for the first time in 1969. The word mechatronics is mechanics plus electronics plus computing. These days it refers to mechatronics engineering activities that includes testing, designing and the operation of the machine and the equipment. IN which there is a high level of functional integration of the mechanical systems with electronic science and computing science. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary engineering field that combines in a synergized manner the fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics, computer science, optics and electronics. The agenda of mechatronics is to perk up the functionality of technological system and creation of the new concept of machinery and equipment with built in artificial intelligence. Mechatronics was developed in the engineering settings of automation and robotics. Wherein the mechanical way of designing was not fitting into the expectations of results being provided by the other fields like electronics, optoelectronics, material science and in particular the computer science. Mechatronics engineering can be classified as the modern approach to classical automation. The basic premise in the design of the mechatronic devices is the acquisition by the device itself, which is responsible for the lower level of the process. Which allows the user to concentrate on the higher level of the process.

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