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  • Theory Of Turbines And Operations Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

Theory Of Turbines And Operations Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

The turbine is defined as a device which draws energy from a fluid moving at a high speed and converts that energy into work. Purpose of turbines is basically to produce electricity and to propel various machinery and objects via the mechanical energy produced.
Every turbine has a one basic principle that is: steam, a moving fluid which can be water, the blades induced by the moving fluid start rotating and as a result they start the rotor engine attached to the device which is responsible for converting the energy into work, wind or gas is made to run over blades at a high speed.
The Turbines came into being after the industrial revolution when the entire world changed its shape. Almost entire electricity of the world is produced by turbines; however the source of energy may vary. 1st turbines to be used were the steam turbines but now on the basis of the fluid from which energy is extracted there are four major types of turbines:
  • Steam turbines
  • Water turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Gas turbines
Steam Turbine
The Steam turbines were the first turbines ever produced by man.
Steam turbines are composed of shaft blades and a rotor engine.
Steam which is produced by the burning of coal, the oil or from nuclear reactor is made to pass through blades which spin at a very high speed to drive the generator which produces energy.

Principle on which it works is that the thermal energy which is extracted from the steam is converted into mechanical energy.
Steam Turbine
Water Turbine

The Water turbines work on the same principle as the steam turbines but the difference is that they use water instead of steam. water used by these turbines comes from lakes and rivers. The Dams which are built in these huge water bodies store the water at one end, at the other end they posses hydraulic turbines which posses a shaft bearing vertical blades and a generator which produces hydroelectric power which is in turn used as electricity.

Water Turbine

Wind Turbines

The Wind turbines use up the moving wind to produce electricity.

Wind turbines might not be as popular as water and steam turbines but in many parts of the world like in Scotland and some parts of America this turbine is used to produce electricity.

The Long egg beater- like shafts, possessing bow shaped blades, is placed high in the sky. Possessing bow shaped blades move with the moving wind to produce electricity.

Gas Turbine

The Gas turbines use up high pressure gas to produce energy.

Gas turbines are not used for producing electricity but they are used to propel jet engines.

The Gas turbines are the latest types of turbines. Their structure is advanced but the principle is same.

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