Second Law of Thermodynamics

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Thermodynamics is atopic that is studied in mechanical engineering that refers to the work and energy of a system. Thermodynamics refers to only with the large scale response of the system that can be measured and observed in experiments. In aerodynamics the thermodynamics of a gas plays a very vital role in the analysis of the propulsion system. But also in making we understand of the high speed flows. The first law of thermodynamics expresses the interrelationship amongst the various forms of energy present in the system and the work that the system performs and the transfer of heat. The energy could be both kinetic and potential. The first law makes the statement that energy is conserved in all thermodynamic processes.

We can very well imagine the thermodynamic processes that conserve energy but they never occur as part of the natural processes. Let us take for example when we bring a hot body in contact with the cold body. Here we can easily come up to the observation that hot object cools down gradually and cold object heats up rapidly until the point of equilibrium is attained by the system. The transfer of heat takes place from the hot to the cold object. Let us imagine a system in which the heat is transferred from the cold body to the hot body. To explain the systems like this the thermodynamics expert proposed a second law of thermodynamics. IT all starts with the explanation of a new state variable called entropy. Which can be regarded as the just another property of the system like enthalpy or temperature. The second law of thermodynamics states that there exists a useful state variable called the entropy S. The change in entropy S that is DELTA S is equal to the change in temperature DELTA Q divided by the temperature T. For any given physical processthe process is reversible, if the combined entropy of the system and the environment remains constant. If initial and final are the two states of the system then for the reversible process entropy initial state is equal to the entropy final state.

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