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Power is basically related to mechanical work and electrical energy. And hence power can be explained as the rate of flow of energy. And we can also state that power plant is a built in unit for delivery and production of a flow of mechanical or electrical energy. In common terminology a machine or an assembly of equipments that produces and believers a flow of mechanical energy or electrical energy is known as the power plant. Hence an internal combustion engine can be described as the power plant. A water wheel can also be described as the power plant. However what we basically mean by the power plant as an assembly of equipments permanently located at some chosen site which receives raw energy. In the form of a substance capable of being operated in such a way, so as to produce electrical energy for delivery from the power plant.

The most basic sources of energy for power generation are coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear fuels. These sources of energy are the conventional sources of energy or are exhaustible and would be used up some day or the other. On the other hand we have the non conventional forms of energy like wind, tidal energy, geothermal energy and solar energy that are abundant in supply and are inexhaustible. These are most promising and reassuring energy sources. The power plant makes use of any one of the power sources to produce electrical or mechanical energy. Depending upon the types of energy source the power plants use they are classified as follows:-

  1. The thermal power plant if it makes use of the coal as the energy source.
  2. The internal combustion engine plant if it makes use of petrol or diesel.
  3. The gas turbine power plant if the power plant makes use of some natural gas.
  4. The nuclear power plant if it makes use of some nuclear fuel
  5. The solar power plant if it makes use of sun’s radiation for generating power.
  6. The tidal power plant if it makes use of the ocean’s tidal energy.

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