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  • Mechanical Engineering Help Tips: Top 5 Engineering Schools in the Us

Mechanical Engineering Help Tips: Top 5 Engineering Schools in the Us

Mechanical Engineering Help OnlineMechanical Engineering majorly deals with machines and engines. This subject covers a myriad of areas such as elevator technology and robotics. In addition, students who take up mechanical engineering programs get to be knowledgeable in areas such as heat transfer and fracture mechanics. Are you interested in studying mechanical engineering in the US? Here are top five engineering schools in the US.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university has 376 full-time faculty on staff. As of 2017, the Ph.D. student-faculty ratio is 5:3:1. The application fee for Massachusetts Institute of Technology is $75. MIT’s School of Engineering is a popular destination for international students. The school has enrolled roughly 2800 students. The university boast of close to 20 research centers on campus. A number of topics such as ocean engineering, cancer research, and soldier nanotechnologies are all explored in these research centers. Students can get accommodation in the MIT campus in Cambridge.

Stanford University

The application fee for both international students and those residing in the US is $125. Stanford University has a faculty ratio of 7:1:1. The School of Engineering has 269 faculty on staff, all of who are full-time. Stanford University ranks second among the best engineering schools because of its performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

California Institute of Technology

The school of engineering and applied science at California Institute of Technology charges an application fee of $100. All applications must be sent before December 1st. The school recorded Ph.D. student-faculty ratio of 5:3:1 in 2017. All the 102 faculty on staff are full time. California Institute of Technology is a traditional science powerhouse. It has on-campus research centers such as the Center of Neuromorphic Systems Engineering and the Center for Science and Engineering of Materials.

Georgia Institute of Technology

To apply for an engineering course in this university, international students have to part with $85 while US residents pay $75. The college of engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology has a Ph.D. student-faculty ratio of 4:4:1 and 545 full-time faculty staff. Furthermore, the school also offers extensive engineering degree options. Students have close to 20 areas that they can specialize in.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The College of Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor charges an application fee of $75 on residents of the US and $90 for international students. It has a Ph.D. student-faculty ratio of 4:4:1 and 389 full-time faculty on staff. University of Michigan’s College of Engineering offers curriculums for doctoral, master’s and interdisciplinary programs, graduate students get a chance to present their research papers and projects at the annual engineering graduate symposium held each November.
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