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  • Hydraulic System Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

Hydraulic System Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

Hydraulic systems can be encountered these days in a wide variety of applications. Right from small assembly processes to integrated plants like steel and paper mills we can encounter hydraulic applications. Hydraulics enables an operator to attain significant work with minimal investment in mechanical linkage through the use and application of Pascal’s law. Some of the examples where the hydraulic systems can be used are turning a shaft, lifting heavy loads and drilling precision holes etc. The major components of a hydraulic system are pump, reservoir, actuators and valves, cylinders and motor etc.

1. Reservoir – The main reason why a hydraulic reservoir is used is to hold the volume of fluid. In transferring heat from the system. In allowing solid contaminants to settle down. And to make available the release of air and moisture from the fluid.
2. Pump – The purpose of the hydraulic pump in the transmission of mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. This is achieved by the movement of fluid, which is also the transmission medium. All the hydraulic pumps functions under the same fundamental. Which is the displacement of the fluid volume against a resistant load or pressure.
3. Valves – The hydraulic valves are used in the hydraulic systems to start stop and direct the fluid flow. Hydraulic valves are made up of spools or poppets that can be motivated by using hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and manual or the electrical means.
4. Actuators- The hydraulic actuators are the direct outcome of Pascal’s law. Here the hydraulic energy is converted back into the mechanical energy.

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