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Composite Materials Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

A composite material is synthesized by the combination of two or more materials. The two materials often have a very different properties. However the two or more materials work together to give a unique composite property. However the different materials can be differentiated apart within the composite. As the materials do not dissolve or blend into each other. Natural composites are existent in both plants and animals. Wood is a composite, it is composed of long polymer cellulose fibers. And it is held together by a much weaker substance called lignin. But together the cellulose and lignin form a much stronger substance that is wood. The bone in human body is also a composite. It is made up of a hard but brittle material called hydroxyapatite which is generally calcium phosphate. With a soft and flexible material called collagen. Collagen is found in hairs and fingernails. Hydroxyapatite and collagen together form a much stronger substance that is the composite bone. Individually the hydroxyapatite or collagen are not at all that strong but together they form a strong bony structure that is necessary to support the human body.

In fact people have been making the composites for many thousands of years now. One of the early examples are the mud bricks. The mud can be dried out in brick shape to give a strong building material. The mud brick is quite strong as long as we try to squash it but it has strong compressive strength but poor tensile strength. That is, it breaks when we try to bend it. On the other hand straw has a high tensile strength but poor compressive strength. But by mixing mud and straw together it is possible to make excellent building blocks together which are resistant to both squeezing and tearing.

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