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Automobile Engineering Assignment Help | Project | Homework Problem

Automobile engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. Automobile engineering deals with the various types of automobiles. IT also deals with the mechanism of transmission systems and its applications. Automobiles are the various types of vehicles that are used for the transportation of various goods, passengers and weights of varying degree. Fundamentally all types of vehicles function on the basis of the internal combustion process. And hence the engines in the automobiles are mostly termed as the internal combustion engines. Varying types of fuels are compressed and burnt inside a vehicle engine inside the cylinder to attain the transmission out of the vehicle. Almost all the automobiles are the internal combustion engines only. However the recent trends have been diverted to heavy R&D on the battery driven automobiles that are less polluting from all the dimensions. Hence each and every mechanical and automobile engineer must have the varying knowledge of automobile engineering its mechanism and various applications. Automobile engineering is that branch of engineering that refers to everything about automobiles and practices to guide and propel them. An automobile is often described as the vehicle which is driven by the internal combustion engine and it is used for the haulage of the passengers or goods on the ground. Automobile is also referred to as the vehicle that can propel by itself by virtue of an internal combustion engine. The engine is often denominated as the power plant of the vehicle. In the general practice the petrol or diesel is used to run the internal combustion engine. The engine may be classified as the two stroke or the four stroke engine. An engine consists of a piston, cylinder, valves, and valve operating mechanism. In the older model vehicles the engine used to contain a carburetor but now that has been replaced by the Multi port fuel injection system. In addition the engine contains the fuel feed pump, oil pump and fan etc. Apart from all this the engine consists of a fuel compression system to burn the fuel inside the cylinder of the engine.

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