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  • 5 Fundamental Concepts Covered By Our Mechanical Engineering Online Tutor

5 Fundamental Concepts Covered By Our Mechanical Engineering Online Tutor

Mechanical Engineering TutorMechanical engineering is a wide subject that deals with a variety sub-disciplines. Students who take up this course get to intensify their knowledge and develop skills on a variety of machines. To achieve this, engineering students are required to complete a myriad of assignments to test their proficiency. We know how important it is to score top grades in mechanical engineering. It is for this reason that provides top-notch assistance in every sub-discipline stated below and many more.


This is one of the most primary and essential segments of mechanical engineering. It deals with the study of the effects of forces on a number of objects and matter. Mechanics is very vital in the analytical and design phase of engineering. When you seek our help, you will be assigned a mechanical engineering tutor to assist you with topics such as:
Continuum Mechanics
Mechanics of materials

Mechanical Electronics

Also known as Mechatronics, Mechanical Electronics can be defined as the study of the combination of mechanics and electronics. It involves all the concepts of electrical systems and their application in software technology. This is a hybrid subject that has a considerable influence on the world today. One of the common applications of Mechanical Electronics is the functioning of CD-ROM drive. Furthermore, the fields of Space Exploration and Robotics use the concepts of mechanical engineering.

Structural Analysis

This branch of mechanical engineering examines the performance of a variety of objects, machines, and designs. Structural analysis tries to figure out failure by analyzing respective parts in two main modes. These are static failure and fatigue failure. If you want to gain extensive knowledge of this subject then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our mechanical engineering online tutor service has a repository of assignment samples which you can download for free. These samples have been carefully crafted by our adept experts to help you fine-tune your knowledge and skills in all the topics of mechanical engineering.


Thermodynamics studies the principles and varied application of mechanical energy in its different forms. It is greatly applied in almost all the branches of engineering. The concepts of thermodynamics are employed by engineers in the development of power plants, energy conversion in different forms and engines. Examples of devices that use the principles of thermodynamics include air conditioner and a refrigerator. You do not have to keep scoring dismally in thermodynamics. Get help from us and be guaranteed decent grades.

Design and Drafting

Design and drafting is a core aspect of mechanical engineering. It refers to the precise technical illustration under which engineers design machinery. The adept people who carry out the technical drawing are known as draftsmen. Design and Drafting are extensively used in the fields of mechanical engineering and other engineering disciplines.
We are associated with mechanical engineering experts who possess profound knowledge and experience in drafting excellent engineering assignments, essays or projects. Do not look any further, place your order with us and notice the difference.